Poker legend Mike Sexton bites the dust at 72

(CNN)Beloved poker pundit and champion Mike Sexton, nicknamed the “Represetative of Poker” for his long lasting advancement of the game, has kicked the bucket at 72.

World Poker Visit and partypoker, an online poker organization Sexton helped to establish, affirmed his demise. Individual poker champ Linda Johnson said Sexton “had been engaging prostate disease” that had spread to different organs without further ado before his passing.

Sexton contributed to each part of poker – broadcast, business and the game itself. Enduring poker greats state the game wouldn’t be as effective as it is today without his impact.

Mike Sexton helped discovered partypoker, a fruitful online cards table.

Sexton was a long-lasting analyst for World Poker Visit, which has worldwide broadcast competitions, with broadcasting accomplice Vince Van Patten.

As a player, he won almost $7 million since his introduction during the 1980s. His rivals scarcely flinched when he’d take their chips since he was so broadly loved, entertainer and poker player Jennifer Tilly tweeted in the wake of learning of his demise.

After almost 15 years of commentating for World Poker Visit, Sexton won his own Reality Poker Visit title in 2016. That triumph was uncommon for how long it took Sexton to accomplish it – something out of a film, partypoker player Jaime Staples tweeted.

He composed two books, established a philanthropic for players to give to veterans causes and Las Vegas people group, and made partypoker. Sexton instructed Youth baseball and even skipped poker competitions in the event that they meddled with his baseball plan. In 2008, he had a child, Ty, at age 61.


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